Workshop with MESSER

Time: 2014-04-08 00:00
Address: Nr.628 Ju Lu Road
Contact: 32220316-107

Workshop with MESSER

Time: 10 a.m., April 08, 2014

Place: Nr.628 Ju Lu Road

Contact: 3222 0316- 107

Language: German

The German band "Messer" is coming to Goethe-Jinchuang Language Centre at 10 am on April 8, 2014. If you have time and interest, don't hesitate to join us. It is an event you should not miss.

Early in May, 2012, the band Messer gained high attention by the media through their first album "Im Schwindel. The latest album "Die Unsichtbaren" once more received much attention and won high praise from the music’s press. Their deep, resonant voice is changeable, sometimes like punk, sometime like pop. According to the comment of "Zeit Online", once you heard the album from Messer 2013, the Opera of Wagner is like a children's song.

Established in 2010, the band consists of 4 members, Hendrik Otremba (singer), Pascal Wagner ( guitar), Bastian Ottenhus (bass, singer) and Phlipp Wurf (drum). They define themselves as a live-band, and therefore the album "Die Unsichtbaren" has been recorded live.

Click here to see the videos.

Video1: EP Neonlicht

Video2: EP Mutmassungen