Karaoke Contest for German Learners

Time: 2013-11-14 00:00

Do you like singing? Do you want to go to Germany for a summer camp or win other wonderful prizes? Seize the opportunity! Come and take part in the Karaoke Contest for German learners. Besides singing technics, the performance of the candidates (way of performing, body language, dancing etc.) is also a part of the evaluation. The quality of the video will NOT be taken into consideration in the preliminary.

Please video the Chinese song, whose lyrics are translated into German and send it as an attachment before Dec. 6 to: matthias.gehlen@goethe-slz.sh.cn.
We will select the 16 best performers and invite them to Hamburg-House to compete in the final.

Looking forward to your participation!


First Prize: Scholarship for a summer camp in Germany sponsored by DAAD

Second Prize:One-day private training for your career sponsored by Goethe-Jinchuang SLZ Shanghai

Third Prize:Exquisite prizes