Idioms regarding the "Horse"

Author: 上海歌德 Date: Sat, 10/11/2014 - 16:29 Tags: learn German

"Da bringen mich keine zehn Pferde zu." = I won’t do this by no means.

"Arbeiten wie ein Pferd." = work like a coolie

"Einem geschenkten Gaul, schaut man nicht ins Maul." = “If received as a gift, then never look a horse in the mouth.” = If you receive something as a gift, take it easy if it isn’t perfect.

"Das hält ja kein Pferd aus!" = „Not even a horse can bear this!“

"Ich glaub, mich tritt ein Pferd!" = „I feel like being hit by a horse!“ = sth. is unbelievable

"Er/Sie ist das beste Pferd im Stall." = “He/She is the best horse in the barn.” = He/she is the best.

"Hochmut reitet zu Pferd aus und kommt zu Fuß wieder nach Haus." = “Pride takes a horse ride first and then returns home foot.” = The self-conceited are destined to fail.

"Aufs richtige Pferd setzen." = “To bet on the right horse.” = to make a right decision

"Jemandem etwas vom Pferd erzählen." = „To tell someone sth. about the horse“ = tell a lie

"Etwas aus dem Stegreif nennen" = “To name something off the cuff” = not planned in advance, do sth. spontaneously