Goethe Examinations in September 2021

Time: 2021 - 07 -27

Please follow the registration dates and times for our Goethe examinations at the Shanghai test center in September 2021. Our standard exams are recommended for ages 16 and above.


Early Registration for students currently enrolled in language classes at Goethe-Jinchuang starts from July 28. In order to secure the registration, payment is required before August 1. Registration forms are available at our facilities in Julu Lu, Changde Lu and Jiaozhou Lu.

You can also send us an email to register for an exams.



Please register online through http://shanghai.goetheslz.com/en/exams according to the registration dates below. We will reply to your online registration via email within three working days.

On the first day of enrollment for upcoming exams we can only accept online-registrations through our website. The online-registration will officially open at 10 am or 1 pm on the day of enrollment. Registrations made before the openning time cannot be processed and accepted.

Important information

△ Regarding our A1, A2 and B1 exams: we can only accept one registration per person for one of the various exam dates. Candidates who have participated in the same exam that they would like to register for previously, need to wait for their previous test results before enrolling again.

△ After confirmation of the test date and successful payment, cancellations or suspensions cannot be granted.

△ Please, read the three following documents thoroughly and sign them: registration form, exam policies during the Covid pandemic and health declaration. You can find them under http://shanghai.goetheslz.com/en/exams.

△ Exam candidates who cannot provide green codes (for both the “health code” and the code which provides proof of their travelhistory in the last 14 days) will have to bear the consequences and won‘t beallowed to attend the exam. Candidates with a bodytemperature higher than or equal to 37.3°C are not allowed to enter the exam site.

The 14-day itinerary code. Please scan with your WeChat App.


exam policies during the Covid pandemic

health declaration

A1 registration form

A2 registration form

B1 registration form

B1 registration form (module)

B2 registration form

B2 registration form (module)

C1 registration form

C2 registration form

exam price

Only students currently enrolled in one of the language classes at the Goethe language learning center enjoy the preferential “internal price” for Goethe-exams in Shanghai. Public classes must include a minimum of 80 units, private classes at least 20 units.

Online Test Training

Equipment requirements: Computer with microphone and camera, stable internet connection, downloaded zoom software. After successful registration, we will provide you with a guide to using the zoom software.

Dates of Goethe Examinations 2021

A1: February 4, February 19, April 28, May 10, July 13, July 20, September 22, September 29, December 7, December 14

A2: February 5, February 20, Apirl 29, May 8, July 14, July 21, September 23, September 30, December 8, December 15

B1(all four modules): February 3, February 8, April 27, May 6, July 12, July 16, September 18, September 27, December 6, December 10

B1 (individual modules): February 9, May 7, July 19, Sepetember 28, December 13

B2 (all four modules): February 2, February 22, April 26, May 12, July 7, July 9, September 17, December 3

B2 (individual modules): February 23, May 13, July 22, September 26, December 16

C1: February 1, April 23, May 11, July 8, September 16, December 2

C2: February 7, April 30, July 15, September 24, December 9

A1 Junior / A2 Junior: March 17, November 10

The examination office retains the right to change examination dates.