Current FAQ Courses and Exams at the Goethe-Jinchuang Language Learning Center Shanghai (as of June 01, 2022)

Time: 2022 - 06 -02

As the administrative functions of Goethe-Jinchuang (628 Julu Lu., Jing'an District, Shanghai) are not yet free to resume normal office operations, the language course office will remain in remote working mode for the time being. We ask for your understanding that we will be able to provide some of our usual services only in a limited or different form for a little longer. As soon as we have the appropriate clearance, we will resume our regular office operations.

From the questions we currently receive, we have selected the 4 most frequent ones and answered them for you here:

1)Goethe-certificates: exam operations at Goethe-Jinchuang Shanghai

2)Goethe-certificates: shipping the certificates

3)Attendance certificates and invoices for courses between February and April 2022

4)Registration for next course terms

We are very sorry to announce that Goethe-Jinchuang Shanghai is currently unable to offer any offline program - neither offline courses nor exams are possible yet. Since exams are preceded by an intensive registration and planning phase, the current situation also makes it impossible for us to announce and prepare for the exams originally scheduled for the second half of July 2022. Unfortunately, these exam dates cannot be offered and must, accordingly, be removed from our calendar. We hope that the relevant Shanghai authorities will give us clearance for offline operation as soon as possible. And as soon as this happens, we will also schedule and announce new exam dates. In the meantime, we kindly ask you to contact the other examination centers with Goethe certificate portfolios in order to have your German language skills certified.

1) Goethe certificates that have already been acquired but not yet handed over cannot currently be picked up in person at Julu Lu 628. We will inform you via our website and our WeChat newsletter when this situation changes.

2) Goethe certificates already acquired but not yet handed over from exams between February and March 2022 can be sent by courier (charge on delivery). Please contact us and leave a shipping address if you want your certificate shipped to you. We are dependent on the support of a courier service for this, whose service is also not yet available to the full extent and at the usual speed at the current time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a successful and fast dispatch in each individual case. Digital certificates or scans of them cannot be made and sent.

3) In urgent cases, we can issue an informal e-mail confirmation of an acquired language certificate (e.g. in connection with applications to German universities). Proof of the urgency or corresponding submission deadlines must be provided.

4) For shipping requests, please drop an e-mail to:

Please be sure to specify:

●date and level of exam. If it is about exam modules (B1, B2, C2), please indicate the passed modules accordingly

●your name or the name of the person who took the exam

●a short description of the situation (if confirming e-mail and not original certificate is required).

●Name of recipient, address and phone number or a scanned copy of the application.

●If relevant: Proof of submission deadline of the language certificate (e.g. for application to a German university) as an attachment.

5) We are currently unable to send Goethe certificates from exams outside the February - March 2022 (before) timeframe. As soon as we return to our workstations, we will do so and inform you accordingly.

1) Attendance certificates for our courses cannot be issued at the moment, As soon as we return to our office, we will catch up and inform you accordingly. Please refrain from making such requests at the moment - we will get back to you.

2) Receipts for course fees already paid cannot be issued at the moment either. Receipts will be provided along with attendance confirmations after we resume our regular office operations.

3) In urgent cases, we can provide you with an unofficial digital version of your attendance confirmation.

Please email corresponding requests to

Please be sure to include:

●Start and end dates of the course

●Language level

●Your name

●Description of your situation. If relevant: Proof of submission deadline for receipt/attendance confirmation as an attachment.

1) As we have not yet received official approval to resume our offline course program, all language courses at Goethe-Jinchuang between July and September 2022 can only be offered in online format. Regardless of any short-term developments this summer in terms of the resumption of offline operations in our education sector, our courses will not be converted to offline classes until at least September.

2) Registration for all language courses between July and September 2022 will begin shortly after the Dragon Boat Festival. Please refer to our public WeChat channel or website ( for the relevant guidance.