I wish to register for

Goethe-Exam in 2020


We will aupdate the exam dates as soon as possible.


The examination office retains the right to change examination dates.

How to register for the exams

1) About one and a half months prior to the exam, the date and other specifics will be announced on our website under “News”. Check for the current exams and find out registration dates.

2) At 10:00 am on registration day, click on the “Exam Overview” at the top of this page and select “Book”.

Note: Before 10 am on registration day, the online-registration channel automatically displays "fully Booked".

The details to be filled in the online-registration form are: name, email, phone number, sex, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, ID number, address and postcode.

3) After completing the online-registration, you will receive an email from us within two working days to confirm your online-registration. If your online-registration was successful, please follow instructions (provided in the email) on payment of the exam fees. At our facility in Julu Lu, exam fees can be paid/processed on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1 pm to 4:30 pm. You can also wire transfer the fees. Please note that payments need to made within three days after receiving your confirmation email in order to secure your place.

4) Required documents for registration: a photocopy of your valid ID-Card or passport, two recent photos of good quality (No requirement for background color). Documents can be submitted on-site (in Julu Lu) or by post/delivery.

5) A detailed description of the registration process will also be provided in our confirmation email to you. Please refrain from transferring any fees before you receive our email confirmation.


All prepaid exam charges and test training charges will be fully reimbursed at the handling fee of 200 RMB for the exam, and the handling fee of 100 RMB for the test training, if participants withdraw 15 work days before the exam or earlier. Invoices already issued must be returned. Participants withdrawing less than 15 work days before the exam will not be reimbursed. 15 work days before the exam or earlier, participants can also shift their original exam appointment to the following exam period at Goethe-Jinchuang (usually two months later). If participants decide to shift their exam to a later time, subsequent cancellations or further time suspensions will not be granted.