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The Goethe-Jinchuang Language Centre was founded with the assistance of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai. Technical assistance and quality control lie with the Goethe Institute, which gave its advice and expertise in developing the course and exam structure, and continually provides advanced teacher’s training. Read more >



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    September 2021

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    My German name is Catharina. I’m learning bassoon in senior high school. As I want to go to Germany to study classical music, I came to Goethe-Jinchuang Language Center Shanghai to learn German. I have been learning German here for one year now. The courses are great fun. Not only have I learned the German language, but also became acquainted with German culture. I can talk quite a lot in German now. I think practice is very important. My teacher is from Germany. He is very friendly, but also very exacting which I like. I have made plenty of friends during the class. I will try hard and keep learning German.

    Ms. LIU Kaijun,17, Shanghai

    I work at Shanghai Volkswagen. At first I learned German just because I wanted to communicate with my German colleagues more efficiently. But now I’m totally in love with German. Not only was it a lot of fun but it also allowed me to make many new friends. In one word, I find the courses interesting, although I have to get up very early on weekend mornings to attend the class. I think our teachers are very challenging, but amiable and friendly at the same time.

    Mr. FU Chunyang,28,Shanghai

    I’m an engineer and work at Volkswagen Shanghai. The reason I started to learn German is to seek better opportunities in my career. I hope I can not only get along well with my colleagues in German, but also use German in my projects professionally. My favorite part in German is the speaking training, because I can acquire numerous communication skills, adding to my work as well as daily life during this process. Even learning the grammar is great fun for me. I find the courses here amazing!

    Mr. QIN Wei, 25, Shanghai

    I’m 36 years old and come from Italy. I’ve already been living in Shanghai for four years and have been working as an Italian teacher and translator. My husband comes from Germany. So I’m eager to learn German. A common language is very important for a couple. I wish to understand his language and culture. As an Italian teacher, I think it’s very interesting to be a student once again. Our German teachers are good at using a large number of teaching methods such as interactive games in their classes. I love the courses here. The lessons are mainly about situations and topics of our daily life.

    Zara, 36, Italy

    My German name is Charlotte. I’m 19 years old and major in Computer Sciences at East Normal University. I learn German because I want to do study at Münster University in Germany and obtain my master’s degree there. I have learned German in Goethe-Jinchuang Language Center Shanghai since March 2013. I made a lot of friends during the class and my German language skills have improved rapidly. I benefited a lot from this course.

    Ms. SHAO Xiaoting, 19, Shanghai

    My name is Riccardo. I’m 35 years old and come from Italy. I have been working in Shanghai as an engineer for two years already. Learning German is great fun and means a lot to me. I learn this language, in order to start a new career in Europe. I have found a position in Den Haag ( the name of a city in Holland), which requires German. I love the interactive lessons here. Studying German with my classmates has given me a lot of pleasure and good memories.

    Riccardo, 35, Italy

    I have been learning German in Goethe-Jinchuang Language Center since September. In 2010 I was studying in Germany. I think the educational system in Germany has some significant advantages over the one in China. So, I really want to further study in Germany. Now I’m taking the B1.1.2 course, which is effective and great fun. I made a lot of new friends here. I’m so happy, as I’m learning German in a very motivating environment.

    Ms. CAO Tianyuan, 24, Shanghai

    I work in a German company. Every day I have to deal with plenty of documents in German. That is why I started to learn German in March 2013. At first, I didn’t find German easy at all. But gradually, I developed a grasp of the rules. I have already been fascinated by German, for what I encountered at Goethe-Jinchuang Language Center was not only a new language, but also the culture that goes along with it. Learning German helps with my career, too, since I can communicate with my German colleagues in a more efficient way, for instance.

    Ms. ZHANG Junyu, 34, Shanghai

    I have been in love with the German language for a long time. I find Germany to be a beautiful country and I hope I can communicate with Germans freely and go to Germany one day. In order to do so, I came to Goethe-Jinchuang Language Center Shanghai to learn authentic German. I could talk more in German after the B1.1 course, which was great fun. The learning atmosphere here is fantastic. What’s more, particularly my spoken German has improved. My German teacher is not only very patient, but he also has a great sense of humor. Diligence and interest are important for learning. I’m firmly convinced that I can speak German fluently in the near future.

    Ms. LI Yanjun, 20, Student


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    New Price of Goethe Examinations


    In the context of a nationwide adjustment of the exam prices at examination centers of the Goethe language learning centers, Goethe-Jinchuang Shanghai will apply the following exam prices to all language tests taking place after October 1 2021: Read more >

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